PLATH Social Days 2023 - Community responsibility in action. 'Klar Schiff' garbage collection campaign in Hammerbrook, Hamburg, with 25 bags of garbage. Barbecue evening for helpers. Team supports 'LOOKI e.V. - Verein zur Tierrettung' in the fall. Participation in the 'Race for Life - charity bike tour' in Bern. Conclusion with social day at refugee facility 'Tatkräftig e.V.' - setting up computer workstations, creative design of the homework room.

Auf gute Nachbarschaft: Die Social Days 2023 bei PLATH

Here's to being a good neighbor: Social Days 2023 at PLATH


In 2023 PLATH once again held Social Days as part of our corporate social responsibility activities, with which we want to make a voluntary contribution to improving conditions in our neighborhood.

Back in the summer, PLATH took part in the "Klar Schiff" campaign and collected garbage from public areas in the Hammerbrook district, where our company headquarters are located. The city cleaning campaign "Klar Schiff" is carried out every year by Stadtreinigung Hamburg together with its partners - and has been for 25 years.

The PLATH teams made sure that 25 bags of garbage were collected in the immediate neighborhood - and this included everything from fixer-upper cutlery to broken bicycle locks with matching side cutters. As a thank you for their work, the management of the RRS business unit treated all the helpers to a barbecue. In addition, the five handcarts that were purchased as a means of transportation were raffled off among those present.

In the fall, a team of almost 15 colleagues from PLATH S&I supported "LOOKI e.V. - Verein zur Tierrettung" and also made a financial donation. The energetic work in the garden included building fences and doors, weeding and carrying out ground work. There was also plenty of fun to be had with the pupils and the operator of the association, who also took part in the work.