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Our fields of activity


Data-based early crisis detection and strategic reconnaissance - innovative technologies for comprehensive surveillance and security.

Whether operating on land, at sea, in the air or in cyberspace, it is important to prevail in the entire electromagnetic spectrum (EMS).  Accurate and reliable real-time information has become essential for EMS operations. 

PLATH offers customers around the world innovative and multifunctional solutions as well as the necessary integration expertise.


Security for government agencies through advanced electronic intelligence, EMS and signals intelligence (SIGINT) technologies.

The ability to utilise the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) has become crucial for government agencies tasked with ensuring national security both domestically and abroad. An increasing number of users operate in the increasingly congested electromagnetic environment, making it progressively challenging to detect threats.

To effectively counter these challenges, government agencies must rely on technologies for signal intelligence (SIGINT).



PLATH is your partner for integrators. With over 40 years of experience, we offer expertise, reliability and capabilities for optimized resource utilization and risk minimization in complex overall systems.

Overall systems are becoming larger and more complex nowadays.

For integrators, it is essential to optimise resources and minimise risks. Competence, reliability, and the ability to fill gaps also play a significant role. With over 40 years of experience in integrating solutions into system-of-systems concepts, PLATH is the right partner.


Support for ministries, federal authorities and the Federal Network Agency in securing the network infrastructure and ensuring national communications security.

Even government organisations without a security mandate have important tasks supported by PLATH. For example, the Federal Network Agency secures the network infrastructure, which forms the central lifelines of our country. As a consumer protection agency, it simultaneously safeguards the interests of people who use the networks.

We are proud to count them among our customers.