Plath Radio Reconnaissance - Strategic land, sea, air and airborne surveillance with data-based early crisis detection and state-of-the-art direction finding technologies.


Overview of services

Cutting-edge technology for successful data-driven crisis prevention

PLATH Systems & Integration

Data-based early crisis detection and strategic reconnaissance - innovative technologies for comprehensive surveillance and security.

We are an internationally active provider of integrated systems for data-driven crisis prevention.

As a family-owned company based in Hamburg with nearly 70 years of industry experience, we support our customers in fulfilling their security mission – with the goal of making the world a safer place.

Our innovative portfolio covers the entire reconnaissance cycle and has proven itself worldwide. Valid information is quickly and reliably provided from a single source to detect dangers early and enable better decision-making in operations.

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We are part of the PLATH Group, which consists of several specialised companies and shares the ambition of supporting our customers with optimally fitting solutions in every operational scenario.

Our over 600 employees, with comprehensive market and technology expertise, implement projects of all sizes. Together, we help our customers around the world competently and trustworthily fulfil their security mission.


BASICS FOR SUCCESSFUL early crisis prevention

Data-based early crisis detection and strategic reconnaissance - innovative technologies for comprehensive surveillance and security.

The primary goal is to ensure safety. The fast and reliable evaluation of signals in the electromagnetic spectrum is essential for this and an enormous challenge due to the daily growing flood of information. Our innovative reconnaissance systems provide meaningful data as the basis for successful early crisis prevention.

PLATH develops and integrates solutions for government organisations, integrators and the security and defence sector.



PLATH COMINT & EW portfolio, software, hardware and integration. Experts create technological progress.

As a system house for data-based early crisis detection, our core expertise is the design and integration of systems and products from different manufacturers as well as related consulting services. Our extensive portfolio covers the entire reconnaissance cycle.

PLATH offers both entry-level solutions and complex reconnaissance systems for a wide range of tasks and platforms in the domains of water, land and air.

News and Stories

What´s new at PLATH?

Gregor Zowierucha joins the management of PLATH GmbH & Co. KG

Gregor Zowierucha joins the management of PLATH GmbH & Co. KG. In his new role, he will, among other things, manage the sales activities of the Systems & Integration business division.

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PLATH Intelligence Day 2024

We look back on an exciting and successful PLATH Intelligence Day 2024. In its 13th edition, the industry event once again broke the attendance record. More than 600 participants travelled to Oslo to discuss the latest developments in the run-up to the AOC Europe conference. This year, specialist presentations on the highly topical subjects of artificial intelligence and software-defined defence provided impetus.

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PLATH presents new cross-system solution SDI Core powered by AI at AOC

PLATH AOC Intelligence Day: AI-supported solutions
PLATH AOC Intelligence Day reconnaissance in challenging situations. Discover the future of defense technology at AOC Europe in Oslo.

In a world of increasingly complex crisis scenarios, reconnaissance requires one thing above all: reliable, scalable applications that generate the right situational picture in every situation. That´s why we have worked on cross-system solutions that use a central, scalable AI unit which uses artificial intelligence to improve the performance of the connected systems, reduce the operator's workload and accelerate the OODA loop. Such a system can, for example, include our high-performance, compact COMINT system NEMO, which can be used land-based, naval, airborne or in shelters. We have given this system the name SDI Core and present it from Monday, 13 May at the AOC Europe in Oslo at our booth C 10 in hall B. In regular presentations we will show a use case of how the SDI Core can lead to improved reconnaissance results in ground-to-air cross-domain operations with a UAV. We also invite you to join us at the PLATH Intelligence Day taking place on Monday where we present the SDI Core for the very first time. Now in its 13th year, the industry event is again the prelude to the AOC Europe and brings the community together to discuss the latest developments following impulses from various specialist presentations - including on highly topical issues such as artificial intelligence and software-defined defense.

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Girls & Boys Day 2024

On 25 April, PLATH once again focused on the youngest members of our society: 17 girls and boys visited PLATH as part of Girls & Boys Day. This joint, nationwide day of action offers girls and boys the opportunity to get a taste of promising professional fields.

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PLATH Intelligence Day 2024

Airborne Intelligence Systems - quickly create a comprehensive picture of the situation. Sensors for strategic and tactical reconnaissance. PLATH offers local flexibility, range and inconspicuousness. Precise support for tactical and strategic operations.

With over 400 participants from government, defence, industry and academia, we are pleased to announce PLATH Intelligence Day 2024.

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Here's to being a good neighbor: Social Days 2023 at PLATH

PLATH Social Days 2023 - Community responsibility in action. 'Klar Schiff' garbage collection campaign in Hammerbrook, Hamburg, with 25 bags of garbage. Barbecue evening for helpers. Team supports 'LOOKI e.V. - Verein zur Tierrettung' in the fall. Participation in the 'Race for Life - charity bike tour' in Bern. Conclusion with social day at refugee facility 'Tatkräftig e.V.' - setting up computer workstations, creative design of the homework room.

In 2023 PLATH once again held Social Days as part of our corporate social responsibility activities.

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Work at PLATH


Make the world a safer place, the PLATH Group presents worldwide career opportunities in its role in creating global security.

More than 600 colleagues work in the PLATH Group on innovative systems for communication intelligence and the implementation of forward-thinking ideas - and we are continuing to grow. The work areas are as diverse as the PLATH product portfolio.

Challenging tasks and responsible projects can be found in areas such as Hardware & Software Development, Sales and Product Management, as well as Quality Assurance and Customer Services.