Meeting demands

Our systems only exist because of customers asking us to fulfil their needs. The key to smart systems is, to fully understand these requirements and transfer them to clever solutions.

Unique customers

Even on basis of a complete portfolio of systems and products for COMINT-and EW-Systems, we gladly accept the fact that every customer of PLATH is unique in its demands and working procedures. The high system scalability and modularity allows PLATH to cover these individual demands.

Solutions from one source

Our systems, products and solutions cover the complete chain from acquisition, analysis, evaluation up to visualisation. This all-round carefree package from sensors to knowledge makes us a single point of contact for all demands in COMINT and EW.


Due to the high confidential aspects of our business, all customers can expect that we will not talk about single customers and solutions. Nevertheless we are proud, that PLATH systems are installed in more than 60 countries worldwide. Some of them are in operation for more than 20 years and have been updated continuously with new innovations of the PLATH team.