COMINT in best form – PLATH expands its SIR Receiver Line

The greatly expanded SIR receiver line from PLATH GmbH once again takes COMINT technology to a new level. Not only is the performance of this product line for HF and V/UHF frequency bands impressive but also the receivers are extremely service- and user-friendly. Furthermore they impress with an outstanding price-performance ratio. With the SIR product family PLATH offers an unrivalled capability both in intercept- and search-mode.

The flagship of this product line, the SIR 5115 receiver, offers complete high resolution detection of all signals from 0.5 to 30 MHz with exceptionally high sensitivity. PLATH guarantees an Intermodulation Free Dynamic Range (IMFDR) of at least 100 dB for the whole frequency range to provide the SIR 5115 with an enormous size search area which is extremely precise. The impressive 100 dB IMFDR sets a new benchmark and also provides high quality interception of all relevant signals. It does so by monitoring the full frequency spectrum in real-time and analyzing all signals gap-free and irrespective of signal strength and duration. Moreover all SIR receivers are completely free of internal spurious responses i.e. false signals. What the operator sees are real signals only.

In addition the SIR 5115 can replace up to 600 narrowband receivers with Digital Down Converting (DDC) channels which has many advantages e. g. several operators can work with different signals simultaneously. They use only one SIR 5115 as well as only one antenna. This feature and many more make the SIR 5115 first choice for large scale and mostly automatic systems for communications intelligence.

The SIR 5110 also has a convincing overall performance. The receiver can distribute its digitally and real-time calculated bandwidth of 12.288 MHz over the complete frequency band from 0.5 to 30 MHz, replacing several receivers of other suppliers. Furthermore the SIR 5110 shows outstanding features such as the ability to detect very weak signals, even extremely short bursts, within the most difficult and noisiest signal environments. In conclusion the SIR 5110 provides the operators faster with more precise results. With these outstanding features the SIR 5110 receiver fits for manual or automatic mode, as stand-alone solution as well as in large scale systems for COMINT purposes.

As a further member of the product line PLATH presents the SIR 2110, a compact „search engine“ for the frequency range from 20 to 3000 MHz. Its favorite task is broadband scanning of large frequency ranges. Also this device uses DDC channels and can replace several narrowband receivers. Together with the whole product line the SIR 2110 features clear and easy handling as well as a modular construction principle, leading to simple and fast service access.