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PLATH GmbH is an established German solution provider in the field of communication intelligence. Our superior solutions support governmental organisations in strategic or tactical missions to make the world a safer place.

From sensors to knowledge – our portfolio covers the entire intelligence cycle and is accompanied by a wide range of professional services. We have grouped our activities into three specialised business units. The business unit Signal Products offers market-leading antennas, receivers and direction finders, providing you with a precise overview over the entire frequency spectrum. To process, evaluate and share the huge amount of data received, the business unit Radio Reconnaissance Systems provides powerful software, which combines data from various sources to deliver a precise situation picture for a sound decision-making.

Last but not least, the business unit Systems & Integration accompanies you from the very first idea of your system until its faultless operation. Based on a strong domain, solution and integration expertise we offer you a solution which fulfils your requirements optimally and supports you in gaining information superiority.

We are a family-owned and driven company, located in the cosmopolitan city of Hamburg. Thanks to our outstanding expertise and innovation strength, we have been declared as the hidden champion in our branch.

From our headquarters in Hamburg, we manage the PLATH Group, which is the leading European based solution provider for communication intelligence and electronic warfare.


  • Land-based mobile COMINT systems
  • Strategic HF systems
  • Naval intelligence suite
  • Manned airborne COMINT systems
  • Border security systems




ACOS stands for stationary solutions for strategic intelligence of radio communications. ACOS automatically searches and intercepts transmissions and provides tools and algorithms for analysis and evaluation. The complete globe can be covered with ACOS HF interception solution.

  • Crisis prevention
  • Strategic surveillance
  • Border surveillance


TRACE stands for land-based mobile, semi-mobile and portable tactical C-ESM / COMINT solutions. Deployment and redeployment of the semi-mobile solutions are possible with short setup time. The mobile solutions can be operated on the move.

  • Out-of-area missions
  • Border surveillance
  • Gap filling


MACOS stands for naval C-ESM / COMINT solutions, tailored to several surface and subsurface platforms. MACOS is highly automated and provides a fast and comprehensive picture of the electromagnetic situation as a vital element of all naval operations.

  • Early warning
  • Border surveillance
  • Expeditory operations


ICAS is a powerful, interoperable und scalable intelligence platform for the entire frequency spectrum, well-proven in various intelligence missions worldwide. It is the core of PLATH intelligence solutions. ICAS enables automated sensor control and result analysis via a uniform graphical user interface. Regardless of the environment, in strategic or tactical intelligence, whether as a mobile application on land, at sea or in stationary use – ICAS supports you in gaining information superiority.

Customer Services

PLATH´s experienced support team is ready to provide a wide range of in-service support to maximise your system performance, improve your intelligence capabilities and reduce your costs in the long term. Choose the level of support that aligns with your needs, budget and goals. A comprehensive training programme is also part of our portfolio, enhancing the knowledge and the system skills of your personnel.



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DWT-Marineworkshop in Linstow

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Romaero S. A.,
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EW Europe

Electronic Warfare Europe, the AOC’s flagship European event, connects organisations and individuals across government, defence, industry, and academia to promote the exchange of ideas and...

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57th Annual AOC International Symposium & Convention

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EW Live

EW Live offers security and defence organisations the opportunity to get an impression of the best products and equipment currently available on the market, including live demonstrations.

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06/17/2019 | PLATH GmbH

Automation depending on sensor position – available now with the new ICAS 11 release!

PLATH is reliably following its road map and publishes a new software release after the scheduled development period. ICAS 11 improves implementation for mobile applications, improves support for customer-specific processes and offers new functions for signal processing. The new release enables new possibilities for users to improve their intelligence capabilities even more.

Unmanned mission support

ICAS - Intelligence Control and Analysis System - is successfully in use worldwide, independently of the environment – whether as a mobile application on land and sea or in a fixed application. ICAS 11 improves the mission capability for mobile applications, as tasks can now be started and also stopped dependent on sensor position. Beyond that, the individual sensor position in use can be displayed on the map, but then removed again during signal transmission so that the route cannot be traced later. With the new features, tasks, including for mobile use, can be prepared even better during mission planning, and, while the mission is running, unmanned missions especially are now easier to control.

Customer-specific columns in the signal table

Every customer has individual requirements and it therefore depends on the processes being adaptable according to need. With ICAS 11 that is possibly even more easily! With the new release, the ICAS signal model can be individually extended, e.g. with customer-specific columns such as mission, notes etc. These additional data are naturally also contained in reports and exports. This new feature allows the user to configure the information management individually and to adapt the specific requirements even better.

Extension of frequency-list management

ICAS has proved itself in practice as a high-performance intelligence platform that can process large data volumes. With the extension of the frequency-list management, the capacity of ICAS 11 has been increased even more. As a result, up to 50,000 elements, such as frequencies, frequency lists and categories can now be managed. Frequency lists can now contain up to 4,000 frequencies per list. With this extension, ICAS 11 can now manage 3-4 times as many elements and as a result supports use in complex signal scenarios even better.

If you are already a member of the ICAS community, we would be happy to inform you about the advantages of our comprehensive in-service support. With this you receive the latest updates and upgrades for the maximum performance of your system.

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    ILS Manager (m/w/d)

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    Senior Agile Tester (m/w/d)

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    Werkstudent Human Resources (w/m/d) mit 15 - 20 Wochenstunden

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