PLATH GmbH & Co. KG is an international supplier of solutions for data-driven crisis prevention. As a family-managed company based in Hamburg, we provide our customers with innovative systems and products on the basis of nearly 70 years of industry experience – and help them make the world a safer place.

PLATH is a pioneer in one field in particular: we fully understand the unique requirements and demands of our customers and markets. We develop systems and products that are optimally tailored to specific applications and aims, combining superior technology with extensive expertise.

Our innovative portfolio covers the entire intelligence cycle and has proven its worth in strategic and tactical operations around the world. With valid information promptly and reliably provided from a single source, users can identify threats early on, make better decisions in operations and increase their scope of action.

PLATH GmbH & Co. KG has two highly specialised business divisions which operate independently in the market under the umbrella of the PLATH Group.

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